5 Questions to ask Yourself When Planning a Hens Party

A hens party can be a great night out for everyone involved. If you are planning a hens night, it is important to ask yourself the right questions in order to create a great and memorable event. The following are the top five questions you should ask yourself when planning a hens party..

What does the bride-to-be want to do?

 First, you must consider what the future bride would like to do for her hens party. You should not plan anything that you know she would be uncomfortable with; for example, if you know she would be uncomfortable with going clubbing, then plan something else. If you know she has something specific in mind, such as wanting to see a show or head out to a great restaurant, make sure to include this in your plans.

Should we hire adult entertainment?

 You should also consider whether or not you want to hire adult entertainment. There are different types of adult entertainment available for hens parties, including private entertainers, visiting a male strip club, or attending a male revue show. Whether or not you include adult entertainment in your hens party schedule will depend on the preferences of the future bride, along with the general atmosphere you are creating with your hens party.

Do we have a budget?

 You should definitely consider whether or not there is a budget set for the hens party. A budget will help you avoid overspending, while also making it easier to plan out a hens party since you’ll be limited to what fits in the budget. Make sure you determine a budget before you begin making plans, as this will help you avoid going over the budget during the planning process. Depending on who will be attending the hens party, you may want to ask everyone (except the future bride, of course) to chip in for expenses.

Do we need transportation?

If you will be drinking at all during your hands party, then you will need some type of alternative transportation in order to ensure that everyone can travel home safely.  if you need transportation, you should attempt to pre-book the transportation if possible; or ensure that everyone has enough money to hire a cab or driver to get home. Do not leave transportation arrangements until the night of the hens party, as you don’t want there to be any confusion or scrambling in regards to everyone getting home safely after drinking.

What about food/drinks?

 A hens party should include food or drinks or at least allow people the opportunity to eat beforehand. For example, you can schedule a visit to a restaurant before you head out to a club or show; or you can invite everyone to your home before the hens Party begins in order to get something to eat. You don’t want anyone feeling dizzy or hungry during the actual hens party, so don’t forget to schedule some type of meal into your plans.

The above 5 questions will help you immensely while you plan out your hens party.

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