Classy & Elegant Hen’s Party Things You To Do

Hens parties are normally associated with Wild Nights, clubbing and drinking. And while there is definitely room in any hens party for some wild fun, there are plenty of classy and elegant hunts parties you can throw if you’d prefer a more elegant event. The following are some classy and elegant hen’s party ideas you should consider if you would like something more upscale

Country Cottage Hen’s Party

 A country cottage hens party involves a day or weekend in the countryside, such as a family cottage or rented cottage. The goal of a country cottage hens party is to embrace everything that is simple yet classy. Brunches, tea parties, porch swings; a country cottage hens party should look like you’ve stepped into the sweet countryside, if only for the weekend.

Hen’s Party Brunch

 If you love the idea of a classy brunch but you don’t have the ability or money to throw an entire country cottage weekend, you can consider a hens party brunch instead. The brunch can be held at a fancy restaurant or you can host it in someone’s home. And don’t forget the mimosas!

Countryside Glamping Trip

 Camping is probably not the first thing most people consider when they are planning A Hen’s party. However, glamping–or glamorous camping–can take it to an entirely different level. Glamorous camping includes full size inflatable beds, comfortable tents with cooling systems and other amenities, and a generally fancy experience. A glamping hens party trip can be just the thing if the bride-to-be wants to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort.

Fancy Food Tasting Menu

Who doesn’t love delicious–and fancy–food? If the future bride is a major foodie, then this can be the perfect hens party menu idea. For this idea, create a list of fancy foods that everyone can try–like a wine tasting, but with delicious cuisine instead. If the future bride loves international cuisine, consider having a selection of food from different cultures throughout the world. Of course, don’t forget to pair the fancy meals with some delicious champagnes, wines and cocktails.

Afternoon Tea

 Afternoon tea can be the epitome of elegance for any hens party. You can book a tea room or post an afternoon tea at someone’s home. If you’re hosting tea at someone’s home, make sure to bring out the fancy linens, good tea sets and prepare towered trays of tea sandwiches and cookies.

Spa Day (or Weekend)

 A spa day or weekend can be relaxing and Incredibly fun as an alternative to a “night out” style hens party.  A spa day or weekend can include massages, facials, and otherwise getting to relax at the spa.

Wine Tasting Party 

A wine tasting party can be an elegant way to enjoy some alcoholic beverages without getting completely out of control. If you are hosting a wine tasting party, make sure to choose a selection of quality wines and don’t forget wine tasting staples, such as the spit bucket.

If you are looking to host a more elegant and classy hens party, make sure you consider the above ideas. Or view our homepage titled hens night sydney to find out more.

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