The Essential Guide To Fun Hens Parties

Have you been tasked with throwing a hens party? If so, you may want to know more about hens parties in order to throw the best party possible for the bride-to-be! The following guide will help you learn more about hens parties, including what they are exactly, what people typically do at them and some hens party ideas to consider.

 What is a Hens Party?

  First, it’s important to understand what a hens party means. A hens party, also known as a hens night, is intended to celebrate an upcoming bride-to-be. Hens parties are known in some parts of the world as bachelorette parties. The primary idea behind a hens party is for a future bride to enjoy a ladies night out, although not all hens parties will involve a “night out on the town.”

What Do People Do At a Hens Party?

 What people do at a hens party will depend on the bride-to-be as well as the overall dynamic of the people in the hens party guest group. Typically, A Hen’s night in Sydney will involve drinking, dancing and sometimes seeing some form of adult entertainment. For example, visiting a male strip club or getting tickets to a male entertainment show which features dancing, music and stripping.

However, a hens party doesn’t have to involve clubbing, bar hopping or seeing adult entertainment. Hens parties can include visiting a great restaurant, having a movie night, taking luxury cooking classes, visiting a spa–and much more. The beauty of a hens night is that it can be tailored to suit the needs of the bride-to-be and the guests.

Are Hens Parties Expensive?

Hens parties can be expensive–but they can also be budget-friendly as well. Since hens parties are so customizable, it is entirely possible to put together a hens party for very little money at all. Conversely, you can also throw a hens party with a higher budget that involves more expensive destinations or options.

Hens Party Ideas to Consider

If you are planning a hens party, you may want to consider the following ideas which could make for a fun and memorable evening.

Idea #1: Dinner and a show

If everyone in the hens party group is up for some adult entertainment, you should consider having dinner and then going to a show. Book a dinner reservation at a great restaurant with delicious food and drinks, and then get tickets to something entertaining. This can be a male stripper revue show–which are always filled with great music, fun choreography and lots of opportunities to cheer–or something less adult, such as a theater show or concert.

Idea #2: Party night on the town

If you will be creating a hens night for a group of ladies who love to party, consider having a party night on the town! Grab a bite to eat, then head to the local bars and clubs to dance and drink the night away.

If you are planning a hens party in the near future, don’t forget to consider the information in the above guide.

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