Fun Food for a Hens Party

Hens Party Food

One of the most fun aspects of any hens party is the food–and drinks! Food and drinks for a hens party should be delicious, easy to eat–and naturally, just a bit boozy. If you are looking for some interesting and delicious food ideas for an upcoming hens party, you should definitely consider the following fun food ideas for a hens party.

Boozy Slushies

 Slushies are a great way to cool off while enjoying some refreshing flavors, so if you’re throwing a party during the hotter summer months then this treat is a great choice. You can make slushies more appropriate for a hens party by giving them an alcoholic twist. Make sure you test out your recipe before serving it at the hens party, since you’ll want just the right ratio between slushie flavor and alcohol. Don’t forget the big straws!

Unique Jello Shots

 Jello shots are a classic hens party staple. You can make your hens party jello shots more unique by serving them inside hollowed-out strawberries or other edible fruits; making them layered for an interesting look and more unique flavor; or creating them inside little molds to give them a fun shape.

Candy Cocktails

 Cocktails are another staple of any hens party.  There are an boundless amount of cocktail recipes out there, but if you are looking for something that is particularly appropriate for a hens party, then you should consider candy themed cocktails. These are exceptionally sweet cocktails inspired by real candies, such as suckers, bubblegum and so on. For an added twist, make sure to drop a piece of the real candy in the clear cocktail glass just before serving.

Champagne Soaked Fruit

 Fruit is a classic appetizer at any gathering! For a hen’s party twist, take your whole fruits and soak them in champagne before serving. This will give them a delicious champagne flavor and give them a nice alcoholic kick. The best fruits for this will be on the hardier side, such as pineapple, strawberry or apples. If you want to make them a touch sweeter, dip them in white chocolate and let it harden after soaking them in champagne.

Cocktail Popsicles

 Everyone loves a good popsicle! Whether you’re having a hens party in the summertime or you simply want your guests to enjoy a great dessert, you should consider serving cocktail popsicles. Cocktail popsicles are exactly what they sound like: classic cocktails frozen into popsicle shapes.  You can buy popsicle molds from any store. Simply make your favorite cocktails, pop them in the night before the hens party, and they’ll be ready to enjoy the next evening!

Novelty Adult Snacks 

If you want your hens party to be a bit on the wilder and naughty side, then you won’t want to pass up novelty adult snacks. Novelty adult snacks are anything that falls into the realm of being saucy or ridiculous, such as candy or popsicles shaped like–well, you get the idea. You can buy molds or head to an adult novelty shop to see what they have on offer.

If you’re planning a hens party, don’t forget the above food ideas to add to your menu.

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