Want a Non-Traditional Hens Party? Something a little different.

The stereotypical view of a hens party tends to involve lots of drinking, clubbing and of course, adult entertainment. But you don’t have to stick to traditional hens night sydney activities in order to have a great time! The following are some non-traditional hens party ideas that will make your hens night truly memorable.

Elegant Tea Party

If the ladies attending the hens party love to get dressed up and enjoy the finer things in life, than an elegant tea party brunch may be just the way to go! An elegant tea party will give you the opportunity to go all out with fancy tea sets, high quality teas, and tons of tea party food such as finger sandwiches and little desserts.

Movie Night

Popcorn, anyone? A movie night themed hens night is the perfect opportunity to turn on a great flick, enjoy some treats, and have fun providing your own commentary without having to worry about other patrons “shushing” you in the theater.

Slumber Party

Slumber parties can perform double duty on a hens night: they make for a great way to bond with your friends and they can ensure everyone has a safe place to spend the night after drinking. If you want things to get really nostalgic, stock up on slumber party traditions: board games, comfy pajamas, and bowls of chips, popcorns and candy.

Cocktail Tasting Night

You’ve heard of wine tasting–but what about a cocktail tasting? Cocktails are delicious and come in many different flavors and styles, which makes them perfect for this fun twist on a traditional wine tasting. Have everyone invited to the hens party submit a few of their favorite cocktails, get to mixing, and start tasting! If you want to keep things on the more legit side, have everyone keep scorecards to rate the cocktails. Don’t forget to pre-arrange transportation and never let anyone drive home drunk!

Scavenger Hunt

A non-traditional hens night doesn’t have to stay in one place! A scavenger hunt can provide a fun, invigorating way to bond with friends while having some “hens night” themed fun. To make things more interesting, the items on the scavenger hunt should fit in with the hens night theme–”a sexy guy on a billboard or advertisement,” “something that looks like a (well, you know)” and so on are just a few ideas. Don’t forget to arrange for prizes for people that complete the scavenger hunt!

Painting Party

If you’ve never attended a painting party, then you’re definitely missing out! For these parties, everyone gets together and follows instructions to create a painting; these can be done through an official “painting party business” or you can throw together a homemade version. Don’t forget to supply snacks and drinks to keep everyone smiling!

If you’re looking to throw a non-traditional hens night, don’t forget to consider the above ideas or check out our hens night packages sydney post.

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