What You NEED to Know If You’ll Be Drinking at a Hens Party

Drinking and hens parties go hand in hand! But if you’ll be drinking at a hens party, or you’re hosting a hens party where drinking will be part of the night, then you need to keep fun and safety in mind. Whether you’ll be heading out to the club or bars, having a wine tasting, or enjoying drinks and a show, you should definitely remember the following important information.

Transportation should be pre-arranged whenever possible

Unless you’re only having one or two drinks at the beginning of the hens night, you (and the other hens party guests) probably won’t be in a safe condition to drive home. Transportation home from a hens party–and even transportation to different destinations during the event itself, such as from the club to a bar–should be pre-arranged whenever possible. This could include having a designated driver who will pick people up and/or drive them home as well as setting aside money to pay for a ride sharing service or taxi.

Have back up options for rides home

Sometimes even the best-laid plans will fall through. That is why you need to have back-up options in regards to getting rides home, because you don’t want anyone risking it and trying to drive when their designated driver doesn’t show or they can’t get the money to pay for a ride share. A back up option–such as a person not attending the hens party who agrees to be the “bail out driver”–will keep you from these types of pitfalls.

Consider arranging for overnight stays in hotels or at homes

If it’s not possible to safely arrange for transportation or you’re worried that everyone might be a little too drunk to get safely home via ride share, then you should consider arranging for overnight stays at hotels or even at someone’s home. It will cost a little more money to book a hotel room, but it’s a small price to pay for safety!

Don’t let anyone’s drinks go unattended

Drinking safety during a hens night isn’t just about avoiding drinking and driving: it’s about staying stay at the club, bar, restaurant or show venue too. Do not let anyone’s drinks go unattended, as someone could attempt to put slip something into their drink. Remember, if anyone leaves their drink unattended even for a moment, throw it out and get another one.

Keep an eye on everyone’s drinking

It’s also important to keep an eye on everyone’s current state while they drink. If you notice one of your fellow hens party guests getting too drunk, such as to the point of stumbling around or getting sick, then it’s time to cut them off and get them some water. You will also find some Hens night packages in Sydney that offer alcohol free packages.

Drinking during a hens night can be fun–just remember to follow the above safety tips.

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